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About us

Your Geoscience Partner of Choice

We are a company of experienced seismic exploration consultants.
Our philosophy is to continuously research methods to extract the most information out of seismic data, which we combine into a constantly developing system of knowledge that we call GeoLogics.

We bring extensive experience in the most challenging issues of seismic exploration:

- Data processing and depth imaging of overthrust, subsalt, sub-basalt and other complex geologic environments
- Attenuation of severe ground roll, shallow and rough water bottom multiples, acquisition footprint and all other types of noise
- Transition zone and sparse 3D data processing
- Merging of datasets with different geometric patterns
- Static correction for complex near-surface velocity
-Azimuthal information preservation, optimization and usage for depth imaging and reservoir characterization (MAZ/WAZ marine and all land surveys)
-Amplitude preservation for AVA, AVAZ and pre-stack inversion
-Specular and scattering energy separation for enhanced structural interpretation
-Acquisition geometry regularization/optimization and trace interpolation
-and much more


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Phone (Brazil): + 55 21 999991571
Phone (Bolivia): + 591 71060015

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